Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Car Free Village?

That's right, you heard me, leave your cars at the door.

The future?

New Zealand historian and businessman Claude Lewenz has a dream.... A community (village) without cars, these communities (villages) will be made up of about 20 village plazas, a town square and a shopping center, and it will all work without cars.

-"Melbourne-based Village Forum co-ordinator Brian Fitzpatrick said the idea of creating a Village Town was to counter urban sprawl and build a sense of community."

He also said Ballarat was the ideal place for the concept because it is within two hours within Melbourne airport, but far enough away from the "Metropolitan sprawl".

-"He said a Village Town would occupy a circular parcel of land covering 200ha with a central 50ha comprising urban development and an outer greenbelt ring of 150ha."

Fitzpatrick goes on to say that it is possible and that "it is happening", that they are just looking for a canvas to layout their plans and sends a message to the people of Ballarat saying that they would love to be your neighbours.

Examples of communities (villages) like this already exist, Poundbury, in England is inspired by Prince Charles who has also proposed the building of an "Eco-Town" in Devon which would house up to 12,000 people.

To find out more, check out: www.villageforum.com

For more information and a very informative and interesting read.


  1. Sometimes I think that an increasing reliance on technology has made us too irredeemably lazy as a civilization to accept a natural, de-industrialized lifestyle voluntarily. We'd have to be forced into it (for our own good) by a collapsing infrastructure.